WIP Generator Room

Work In Progress / 08 July 2019

Update 3: Its all coming together nicely 10/22/19

It's been a month since my last update and I'e spent most that time texturing, and boy does it make a world of difference. I've also change up the lighting, adding some interior lights and relying less on the HDRI to light the scene. My final step before bringing this into Unreal is to finish up the water pump, which I'm redesigning slightly. 

Update 2: Introducing Forky - 9/6/19

I started working on the last major prop for the generator room, a small forklift for the loading dock. Once completed with the high poly version I will then move on to creating low-poly versions of my assets and texturing them. I'm hoping to then move the project over to Unreal where I can create some high quality real time renders using the new raytracing features. in the meantime enjoy these renders with some nice sunset lighting thanks to the magic of HDRIs

Update 1:

A lot of progress has been made since the original post. I updated the window to be larger and made several updates to the roof, including giving it a slope, adding joists and of course textures. I created a low poly version of the turbine and began a first pass at texturing it. I've also modeled a railing and gate for the end of the platform and water pump that sits on the other side. Finally, I added some volumetric fog to help tie the whole thing together.


I wanted to share the progress of my current freelance work of a generator room. I can't go into too many details about the purpose, but I'm creating high quality renders to be used as references. 

I'm currently filling out the space with high-poly sub-divided meshes for quick iteration in Blender 2.8. Once things are locked down I will make lower poly meshes with individual textures where needed.

I've been using Substance Designer to create flexible tiling textures for use on the walls and floor. In some areas, such as the bar grating on the platforms and the stone wall I am also using height maps for displacement. For areas with less intense displacement I am going to look into parallax occlusion maps.

Eventually I hope to bring this into the Unreal Engine for fast lighting iteration. Currently I'm rendering in Blender Cycles using HDRI images for lighting.

Substance Designer Materials