Perdition - Fireplace
Ryan farrenkopf fireplaceiray

Rendered in Iray with 4k texture

Ryan farrenkopf fireplaceinengine

In Engine with 1k texture.

Ryan farrenkopf fireplace1

2k Texture

Ryan farrenkopf fireplace1k

2k Texture

Ryan farrenkopf fireplace2

2k Texture

Ryan farrenkopf fireplacecloseup

2k Texture

Ryan farrenkopf fireplacewireframe

Low poly wireframe

Ryan farrenkopf fireplacebreakdown

Material Breakdown

Made for a now cancelled Indie Game (Perdition). The fireplace is styled victorian fireplace. The fireplace gave me the chance to utilize all the high poly baking I had learned on earlier projects. I helped develop the style used for this victorian mansion level. All Art is Work in Progress and Subject to Change.