Do You Copy? - Ceiling Light
Ryan farrenkopf ceilinglightiray

Iray render with 4K textures

Ryan farrenkopf ceilinglightinengine

In Engine

Ryan farrenkopf ceilinglight1
Ryan farrenkopf ceilinglight2
Ryan farrenkopf ceilinglight3
Ryan farrenkopf ceilinglightbreakdown

Material Breakdown

The ceiling light was added after the initial 48hrs for the 2017 AsylumJam game "Do You Copy?". The ceiling light is designed after older style and the only real source of light in the tower. I modeled both low and high poly models in Blender and then baked textured in Substance Painter with a 1K map. The game was built in Unreal Engine 4.18.