The Devoured Dead - Bedrooms
Ryan farrenkopf tdd bedrooma 01
Ryan farrenkopf tdd bedrooma 04
Ryan farrenkopf tdd bedroomb 01
Ryan farrenkopf tdd bedroomb 02
Ryan farrenkopf tdd bedrooma 02
Ryan farrenkopf tdd bedrooma 03

There are two bedrooms in the game, the Master, and the Guest. Due to time constraints the two are variants of one another, The Guest room has the bathroom attached to the side. 
Initially Created in 48hrs for the 2016 Asylum Game Jam, The Devoured Dead is a narrative side-scrolling horror game set in a derelict 1920's mansion. The art style for the game is twisted to reflect the torment of the spirits that haunt the once vibrant manor. I modeled three rooms for the game, the grand foyer, the bedrooms (master and guest), and the bathroom. Texturing was done with color atlas. 
Screenshots taken in UE4