Do You Copy? - Desk Lamp
Ryan farrenkopf desklampiray

Rendered in Iray with 4k texture.

Ryan farrenkopf desklampinengine

In Engine Render

Ryan farrenkopf desklamp1
Ryan farrenkopf desklamp2

Emissive Material Off.

Ryan farrenkopf desklamp3

Emissive Material On.

Ryan farrenkopf desklamp4

The Desk Lamp was added after the initial 48hrs for the 2017 AsylumJam game "Do You Copy?". It is designed after older style, something you would find in your grandparents study. It's heavy layer of dust and tarnished brass signifies that it has been here for some time. I modeled both low and high poly models in Blender and then baked textured in Substance Painter with a 1K map with an emissive material. The game was built in Unreal Engine 4.18.