Do You Copy
Ryan farrenkopf screen shot 2019 03 26 at 3 20 52 pm

Ranger Watch Tower - Additional Art by Jacob Stone and Han Hunter.

Ryan farrenkopf deskinengine

Heavy steel desk - Rendered In Game

Ryan farrenkopf desk2

Heavy steel desk - Rendered in Iray

Ryan farrenkopf deskbreakdown

Heavy steel desk - Material Breakdown

Ryan farrenkopf desklampinengine

Desk Lamp - In Game

Ryan farrenkopf desklampiray

Desk Lamp - Rendered in Iray

Ryan farrenkopf ceilinglightinengine

Hanging lamp - Rendered In Engine

Ryan farrenkopf lampiray2

Hanging lamp - Rendered in Iray

Ryan farrenkopf ceilinglightbreakdown

Hanging lamp - Material Breakdown

Ryan farrenkopf barrelinengine

55 Gallon Drum - Rendered In Engine

Ryan farrenkopf barreliray

55 Gallon Drum - Rendered in Iray

Ryan farrenkopf barrelbreakdown

55 Gallon Drum - Material Breakdown

Do Copy is an atmospheric horror game set in the Gravewind State Park in the Pacific Northwest. As the Park Ranger you must guide a hiker to safety, but you are not alone.

We originally made Do You Copy over the course of 48 hours for the Asylum Jam 2017. During that weekend I was tasked with learning Substance Painter so I could create high quality art and PBR materials from high poly assets. We are currently turning Do You Copy into a full feature experience where I am constantly pushing myself to learn and do more.

Do You Copy? can be played for free on PC or Mac.