Ryan farrenkopf wallsinengine

In Game Screenshot

Ryan farrenkopf walls1

Modular Walls - Rendered in Iray

Ryan farrenkopf stairsinengine

Grand Staircase - In Game

Ryan farrenkopf stairsiray2

Grand Staircase - Rendered in Iray

Ryan farrenkopf ezgif 5 60ec49363e

Grand Staircase - Animated trap

Ryan farrenkopf fireplaceinengine

Fireplace - In Game

Ryan farrenkopf fireplaceiray

Fireplace - Rendered in Iray

Ryan farrenkopf elevatoringame

Elevator - In Game

Ryan farrenkopf elevatoriray

Elevator - Rendered in Iray

Ryan farrenkopf chandelier2

Chandelier - In Game

Ryan farrenkopf chandelieriray

Chandelier - Rendered in Iray

Perdition was an Isometric multiplayer game with a focus on environmental traps and hazards where players compete to find the hidden item and the level and make it out alive.

As the sole artist on the project I worked with the designers to come up with a theme for the prototype level and use that theme to come up with traps and hazards. I then set to work creating modular sets for the designers to use to create custom level layouts.

I also then learned to rig hard and animate surface models to create the level hazards.